Fri 01 May 2020

38 Good Ways To Decor Your Living Room - Page 13 of 13 - LoveIn Home

The living room decoration to establish the tone and the living room tone is generally determined by furniture. The living room home has sofas, tea tables, TV cabinets, flower racks, partitions, cupboards, and lamp stands and so on. Many families decorate the living room ceiling, floor tiles and wall tiles first, and then go to the furniture store to buy furniture. In fact, this is the reverse of the end. Secondly, attention should be paid to the material when decorating the living room. Originally, the living room is a very bright decoration style. Suddenly, the matte floor appears which is in sharp contrast with the reflective materials in other living rooms, making the original bright hall’s living room incomparable. Therefore, the living room in the decoration material selection should pay attention to the unity of material, unless it is intended to form a contrast in some details. Image Source: www.article.com Image Source: www.lightology.com