Wed 29 Apr 2020

Show different styles of charm with wooden furniture

Wood comes from nature, and every piece of wood on the same tree is very different. Color and texture changes, resin pouches, thrift and various natural imprints give the wood a more unique aesthetic. In the home life, people’s love of nature shifts to the wood, and some wood material furniture becomes the best sustenance of natural emotions. Wooden furniture is the largest category of Chinese furniture products, and wooden furniture can be divided into solid wood furniture and panel furniture. Panel furniture is made of wood-based panels as the main raw material, and is made of metal connectors and various types of wood and plastic material connectors. Compared with solid wood furniture, because the artificial board breaks the original physical structure of the solid wood, when the humidity changes greatly, the deformation of the artificial board is much smaller than that of the solid wood, and the panel furniture is novel in style, colorful and not deformed. The advantages of non-cracking, anti-mite and moderate price have become a new family in the furniture category. Its product characteristics of simplicity, individuality, fashion, ease of assembly and disassembly are more in line with the consumption concept and aesthetic needs of the new generation of consumer groups.